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Our Story

As one of our founders, Jim Metzger is excited to transform those who have lost hope through addiction and feel there is nowhere out of this lifestyle. His unique perspective to counseling and providing tools to those who are ready to change is ‘one-of-a-kind. 


Channeling in and correcting negative thinking will create the hope a person needs to believe in the process and see life differently. Understanding that addicts have hidden talents and gifts that are only fully understood by addicts. He believes that all addicts have a greater chance of becoming a true success story than lead to believe. 


Jim Metzger is living proof that you can and will become the person you are meant to be regardless of how you started in life! 


Our treatment center, located in Mission Viejo, CA. Walking distance from the Kaleidoscope off the 5 FWY.


JRV offers a peaceful & therapeutic setting that enables clients to focus on their recovery process.


With private offices and a spacious group environment, JRV’s goal is to support and facilitate a new sober lifestyle, concentrating on the everyday activities of daily living.


Our Approach

"once you change the behavior, you will change the outcome" 

- Jim Metzger

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